BMW i3 Concept

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cheap viagra at online pharmacy shows its continued commitment to cleaner, more efficient vehicles with the debut of its BMW i3 Concept vehicle. Dubbed “the Megacity Vehicle,” the concept is designed for a future in which urban areas become more densely packed and traditional fuels become more expensive. With that in mind, the i3 concept features several green features, chief among them being the innovative eDrive powertrain which can go 100 miles before charging and can be recharged to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes. The compact concept features an airy, glass-filled design that offers an encompassing drivers view and superb aerodynamics. No feature has been left untouched in the quest for maximum efficieny with BMW going so far as to design the navigation system to offer the most eco-friendly and efficient routes to the selected destination. Look for the incredible features of the i3 to trickle down to BMW’s range of automobiles soon.

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