Dee & Ricky x Joyrich 2012 take “Wearable Plush Attire” to another level with their new Capsule Collection

Dee and Ricky Jackson take wearable plush to another level with their latest collection. The two brothers have had a pretty remarkable and meteoric rise in the fashion world. Starting out with their LEGO® brooches, which were hailed as innovative, creative, and refreshing at the time of their release. These brooches also caught the attention of certain tastemakers in the industry, and soon, everyone from the likes of Marc Jacobs to Kanye West were signing the praises of the Staten Island duo. Fresh off of their collaborations with Casio and Pony Footwear, Dee & Ricky have teamed up with LA-based designers Joyrich for a Fall/Winter 2012 capsule collection. The range here seems to draw inspiration from 1950′s-era varsity attire, while the unconventional colorways and 3-D plush detailing lend the collection an eye-catching character. Look for the collection on Joyrich in the coming season.