Essentials: David Obadia of BWGH

At its core, Brooklyn We Go Hard — better known as – explores eclectic urban cultures through the works of talented artisans in photography, the organization of several cultural events, a biannual magazine and a comprehensive international viagra interaction with young people. Since its inception in May of 2010, the Parisian collective is inspired by the notion of “elsewhere,” and although 4,000 miles from New York its name is a tribute to the artistic and cultural scene that Brooklyn represents. Founded by childhood friends David Obadia and Nelson Hassan, BWGH started out producing T-shirts bearing photos taken in Brooklyn reflecting its founders desire to gather artists in a homogenous collective. The 20-something Obadia has always held a strong fascination for fashion, from watching his parents work in said industry to following the style-heavy cultures of sneakerheads, basketball and hip-hop as a young boy. Now the driving force behind a movement that celebrates multiculturalism, rather than a simple brand offering graphic T-shirts, the young Parisian mentions his recent collaborations with financial tax advisor and Colette are just the beginning. He plans to open a few brick and mortars around the globe bringing street art and fashion to the masses and the possibility of spawning his own clothing label may become a reality sooner than later. Continuing our ongoing Essentials series, David Obadia offers a look into his daily necessities, from a handy Pantone color book and Krink markers to a personalized Goyard wallet and visvim moccasins.

Photography: Karl Hab