Gamma Proforma Futurism 2.0 Exhibition @ Blackall Studios Recap

Recently concluding at Shoreditch, London’s harris county bankruptcy court was the “Futurism 2.0″ exhibition from Gamma Proforma. An artistic collective featuring Augustine Kofie, Divine Styler, Phil Ashcroft, Boris “DELTA” Tellegen, SheOne, Matt Moore, O.Two, Mark Lyken, Sat One, Christopher Derek Bruno, Moneyless, Mr. Jago, Part2ism, Jaybo Monk, Poesia, Derm, Jerry “Joker” Inscoe, Remi/Rough, Clemens Behr, Mare 139 and Nawer, Gamma Proforma’s display opened in late September and included bold, abstract works from each artist alongside the likes of a live painting demonstration and more.

Recapped here in video form, “Futurism 2.0″ is also highlighted in the form of a commemorative full-color, 100-page book from Rob Swain and Daniel Feral. Limited to just 250 hand-signed copies, Futurism 2.0 – Symmetry Across Centuries can be pre-ordered now order generic cialis online and is expected to drop in late 2012/early 2013.