Harry Taylor – The Beautiful Flaws of Tintype Photography

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“I think the perfection that you get with digital is so easy, you just can’t help but to take it for granted.”  These are the words from photographer cialis similar drugs, a photographer whom — even with today’s advancements in digital photography — still opts for the use of the antiquated form of photography that is tintype. Dated back to the mid-1800s, tintype photography was commonly seen at fairs and carnivals, and due to the chemicals involved in the development process along with the exposure times, the chances of finding blemishes in the final product was much higher. Taylor, however, welcomes these imperfections and to him they show that the images are ‘real.’ Watch the http://uristocrat.com/how-to-get-viagra-perscription-online/ film above for a better understanding of the antique process as Taylor explains his decision for using the dated medium, whilst at the same time getting a look at Taylor’s genuine photographs.


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