Jumpmen: The 10 Biggest Signings in Jordan Brand Basketball History

Jordan Brand has had quite the summer. The loss of Dwyane Wade has been offset by the inking of a long list of bright stars, namely http://uristocrat.com/2009/09/preview-of-acdc-x-converse-chuck-taylor-powerage-sneaker/. Where does his signing rank in the brand’s fifteen year history? We take a look back at Team Jordan’s most important signings on the basketball front.

10. Mike Bibby

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Though never a signature athlete or marquee endorser, Mike Bibby made history by being the first NBA player to wear Jordan Brand during the entire duration of his career. The Arizona alum rocked Js during much of his college stay and entered his rookie season with the Grizzlies wearing team makeups like the Jordan Team XI. JB would lace him with player exclusives for the remainder of his playing days.

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