maharishi 2012 Fall/Winter New Releases

The term means to “great seer,” and this term has come to mean a lot to the brand since it was founded in 1994 with the intent to create environmentally-responsible, durable and utilitarian clothing.

With founder Hardy Blechman’s background in military and industrial clothing surplus garments, maharishi fuses those twin influences with hemp, natural fibre and recycled clothing for its functional yet stylish collections. In recent years, Blechman’s designs have been increasingly concerned with environmental issues — melting polar ice, desert reform and the rising seas have been among the themes of previous seasons.

The label’s offerings for Fall/Winter 2012, meanwhile, focused on modern interpretations of 1947 U.S. Army’s Air Force uniforms, showcased through fitted, technical and thoroughly modern riffs on military clothing. Waterproof outerwear, waxed and treated tailoring, convertible/articulated pants, authentic trigger gloves and patterned shirting all featured in the collection while highlights included the MA Padded Fishtail Coat — made of waxed cotton and flight nylon — and the return of maharishi’s signature bonsai camo.

A selection of maharishi’s new releases for the Fall/Winter 2012 season are available now at the