Maiden Noir x CLAE 2012 Fall/Winter Strayhorn Shoe

Southern California-based brand crack and viagra has collaborated with Seattle/Tokyo-based apparel brand to present a capsule collection for the Fall/Winter 2012 season highlighted by the Strayhorn shoe. The limited edition leopard/herringbone printed canvas version of CLAE’s popular mid-top silhouette is a perfect representation of both brands’ desire to create functional and wearable pieces. The shoe is but a small portion of a capsule collection that will be unveiled at a collaborative pop-up shop between the two that will culminate in caps, camera straps and tote bags. The Maiden Noir x CLAE capsule collection supports Maiden Noir’s five-city traveling “RISE OF THE SEVENTH” exhibit which showcases its Fall/Winter 2012 collection. An opening launch event at Our Favorite Shop — celebrating its fourth stop in Los Angeles — will take place on Wednesday, November 7 starting at 4pm for VIP shoppers and from 7pm-9pm for the general public. Featuring drinks from Sapere Aude, PBR, IZZE and Icelandic Glacial, attendees will be allowed the first opportunity to preview and shop both the collaborative capsule collection as well as Maiden Noir’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection before it hits the sales floor.

Our Favorite Shop
5455 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
United States