Meek Mill Detained by Police on Way to Own Album Release Party

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redlands dui checkpoint is seemingly no stranger to street life and run-ins with the law, if his coinciding rap lyrics are any indication, that is. In accordance, the Philly rapper was recently detained by the police on the way to his own album release party. Meek was not charged, however, and ultimately let loose in time to make it to the Dreams and Nightmares soiree. That night, the MMG artist took to Twitter and had this to say in regards to the altercation:

cops cost me a lot of money tonight …..taking pics of me like I’ma fuckin joke….no charges just holding…Nigga I ain’t get knocked they was just tryna hold me back! Just scooped my nigga #brick Feds gave him 10yea…I ain’t get locked up…definitely not in NYC with no gun! Cops just harassed and violated me last night in Philly just for being famous!