Nike SB 2012 Holiday Krampus Collection

Sean Cliver gives us a look at his special capsule for Nike SB’s 2012 Holiday range. The skate artist pays homage to Santa Clause’s little known accomplice, viagra espana, a mythical creature recognized predominately in Alpine countries such as Austria, southern Bavaria, South Tyrol, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Defined by a horned beast, Krampus’ role directly contrasts that of Santa Clause in which he punishes misbehaving children. The collection features a Dunk High, cap and T-shirt. Look for the collection to hit at select Nike SB retailers this season.

Krampus is a mythical creature recognized in Alpine countries. According to legend, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children. When the Krampus finds a particularly naughty child, it stuffs the child in its sack and carries the frightened child away to its lair, presumably to devour for its Christmas dinner.

In the Alpine regions, Krampus is represented as a beast-like creature, generally demonic in appearance. The creature has roots in Germanic folklore. Traditionally young men dress up as the Krampus in Austria, southern BavariaSouth TyrolHungarySlovenia and Croatia during the first week of December, particularly on the evening of 5 December, and roam the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells. Krampus is featured on holiday greeting cards called Krampuskarten. There are many names for Krampus, as well as many regional variations in portrayal and celebration.