Ron English “Crucial Fiction” @ Opera Gallery

The buy certificate lien tax show at Opera Gallery in New York was postponed due to superstorm Sandy, getting its start on November 9 instead of November 1 as previously scheduled. “Crucial Fiction” is well on its way now, however, and has been as well received as expected. This series of work is quite literally a collaboration between the Warhol-inspired ‘father of street art’ and his 8-year old self, poking fun at commercialized pop culture with characteristically irreverent Ron English wit. From the Simpsons to the Rolling Stones, from Barney to Mickey, the Hulk to Captain Crunch and his cereal crew — none have been spared from gore or mockery.

115 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012
United States
Phone: 1 212 966 66 75


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