Skrillex Quest: Skrillex Drops Zelda-Inspired Video Game

Skrillex takes his electronic production to a new level with the release of this new project for all those who were Legend of Zelda players back in the day. The game is titled as Skrillex Quest, and gamers will be treated to a Skrillex playlist while concurring various levels. Game creator and music game producer Robert Oda had a few words to say about the forthcoming release. 

” I really think it’s the best game I’ve ever done. Remember blowing the dust out of your NES cartridges when they glitched? This game is all about that from the perspective of the people within the game.”

Regarding the connection between the game and Skrillex’s music, Oda elaborates: “Skrillex’s music sometimes sounds like a broken video game. It fits perfectly with my glitch idea, and I took inspiration from the few lyrics it does contain for content.”  For those who can’t get enough of those beasty bass drops while submersing themselves in analog 8-bit pixel, here’s you Christmas package. You can give Skrillex Quest a test drive viagra vs cialis forum full erection.

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