The Trend of Fashion-Based Sex Toys Continue With Opening Ceremony, HUF, Married to the Mob & Others

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A second wave of fashion-based collaborative sex toys from Japanese-based TENGA are set to release next month. The well-known sex-toy maker has worked hard to help move past the stigma often associated with sex toys through fashion channels. Despite being a bit taboo outside of the region, previous efforts to help move the concept forward have included past projects with viagra and problems, viagra in florida. Several notables brands from the US have joined their Japanese counterparts including online cash advance companies, Opening Ceremony, CHARI & CO NYC and Married to the Mob, while the other side of the collaboration includes roar, Roen, VANQUISH, swagger and XLarge. A release is set for December 1, 2012 through select retailers. Each one-use cup will retail for ¥840 JPY (approximately $10.50 USD).