Chris Vance feat. I Know Brasco and Rich Quick “Star 69″ (LIVE @ THE FIRE)


Chris Vance releases this video of his performance of “Star 69” at The Fire. The video comes featuring a few guests including   I-Know Brasco and. Rich Quick. Watch the video below:

So Friday, March 15th, I had the pleasure of rockin’ the stage at The Fire as part of Uptown Tone’s concert series “Uptown Tone and Friends” (also included Ambrose & Verso). I had that place (which was full) goin’ NUTS for a full 40 minutes. But I had a lot of help. Black Cloud, I-Know Brasco, Rich Quick and Aime all made dope guest appearances, one of which was caught on film by Mike Boyle for MikEyesTV – Phlight Music‘s “STAR 69″! Produced by Philly Will and featuring I-Know Brasco & Rich Quick, this underutilized track is finally getting some love. Live footage for that ass – check it out!!”

– Vance