Kelly Rowland, Dirty Laundry

“When my sister was on stage killing it like a m—-, I was in rage feelin it like a m—-.”

Has anyone ever silently wondered how Kelly must feel about Beyonce’s success this past decade? Kelly Rowland quietly releases the second single off Talk a Good Game, “Dirty Laundry”. Kelly has gone deep before with “Stole” but this time she’s the muse. Once Beyonce took off after Destiny’s Child separated we didn’t see nor hear too much from Ms. Rowland over Beyonce’s roar.

“Post survivor she was on fire who wanna hear my bullshit?”

Kelly’s lackluster ascent wasn’t because Beyonce was just plain better than her group mates. The woman was in an abusive relationship. The track produced by the Dream has Kelly purging decade old feelings she’s had toward her sister, B and her success. Yep, everyone experiences envy but everyone is on their own journey with their own challenges. Kelly has grown into herself as a woman while capturing the hearts of many these past two years. Her trials are about to be put to good use. Talk A Good Game is out on June 18th.