Jay-z, The Samsung Magna Carta App basically Sucks

I woke up this morning excited to listen to Jay-z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail on the Samsung S3 usually sitting tucked away in my bag. Finally, I had a reason to use it. That was at 7:45 AM this morning. As of 12:45 PM, I am still waiting for the album to download. Upon download of the app last week, it was readily apparent that the app had bugs. There were frequent prompts to “Restart the app.” That error was magnified this morning. Apparently, I was not the only one to notice these bugs. Thousands of Jay-Z fans joined me in being frustrated with the Samsung App.

Here is what others had to say:

Marc Harrison wrote: “Wtf. Can’t get past the first screen. The day the album is out…”

Kriz Shiozaki said: “I am trying to download the album right now and when I click on enter Magna Carter it takes me to a screen that stays white. Is there a problem or just so many people on the app right now?”

Michael added: “Thanks a lot for my ‘free’ album hahaha. Can’t even get past the main screen. Is it that hard to actually give us what we want? Samsung has so much money and can’t even get a stupid app to work.”

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It was an innovative idea but the execution seems to need a little bit more work (not the marketing plan though, that was basically flawless). The unique marketing plan has seen the rap star release the album to a million Samsung Galaxay users for free, but it seems that many fans have experienced issues with the software.