Vote for Tree House Books on Newsworks Restoring Ideals Program

Tree House Books inspires a love of reading in young people.

What began in 2004 as a used bookstore has steadily evolved into a full-on book library with a tutored after school program for neighborhood kids, a summer writing camp, and an urban literary café. Tree House Books believes that reading opens the door to a lifetime of education, creativity, and imagination.

Now the Bookstore is featured on small business loan qualification program as one the organizations that could be potentially highlighted by the program.

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About Restoring Ideals

Funded by The Barra Foundation, Restoring Ideals began as a question raised byTemple Contemporary’s Advisory Council that addressed Philadelphia’s evolving relationship to its founding ideals of tolerance, equality, and independence. Inspired by this question, Temple Contemporary (the gallery at Tyler School of Art) and a consortium of partners including the Conservation Center of Art and Historic Artifacts and WHYY, responded by designing the Restoring Ideals project.  The goal of the project is to create an open a dialog that refers to the honorable declarations of the past, as well as connecting these ideals to the needs of Philadelphia’s living communities and the organizations that serve them.

Restoring Ideals’ goal is to honor the organizations that uphold the city’s ideals. Organizations will be voted on by Philadelphians and the top ten organizations receiving the most votes through this online poll will pick an object from their archives emblematic of these historic ideals and reflective of their mission but in desperate need of restoration. Professional conservators will conserve these objects at Temple Contemporary from September 2013– February 2014. It is through this public process that Restoring Ideals reframes conservation as a living part of valuing our contemporary accomplishments and preserving this diversity now for the benefit of the future.