A Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack

Considering it’s been out since mid-April, chances are you have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie by now if it’s something you’re interested in. If not, don’t think that you can just ignore it outright, because it’s actually got a little something for the non-Spidey fans of the world. As it turns out, the film’s soundtrack is home to several original tracks by big-name artists that are definitely worth hearing.

To coincide with the movie’s release in April, Columbia Records dropped the soundtrack just about a week later. In addition to housing all the original film score material by the legendary Hans Zimmer, the OST boasts new songs from Alicia Keys (with Kendrick Lamar), everywhere-man Pharrell Williams, and about-to-blow-up band the Neighbourhood. The last of those three acts actually comes through with the strongest cut, “http://uristocrat.com/category/uristocrat/page/573/“, which gives you good reason to check out the rest of their material. Keys and Lamar’s track, “http://uristocrat.com/auto-loans-after-bankruptcy-discharge/“, is impressive, too, thanks in part to the tag-team production work of Zimmer and Williams.

While more tracks like those would have most certainly been welcome—especially during the movie itself—it’s difficult to fault The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack for what it brings to the table. Sure, it’s not up there in terms of unique content like The Hunger Games series, which received (thus far) completely new songs from a diverse lineup including Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift. However, that’s setting the bar rather high and not every franchise can match that type of output. To that end, if you’re a true webhead fan and haven’t gotten your fill from the film and its soundtrack, here are some other ways you can do exactly that:

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game – For the gamers reading this, now’s your chance to dig into a console title that takes on the narrative of the second movie in the rebooted series. OK, so the reviews for the payday loans baton rouge louisiana title aren’t looking too hot for this game, but still, you’re bound to be satisfied by the numerous battles with Electro and the Rhino.


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    • Spider-Man Cosplay – So this one’s a bit more out there, but there has to be at least one or two cosplayers reading this. If you’re one of them and you want to celebrate your Spidey love in the truest fashion (no pun intended), Amazon is selling the web-slinger’s suit right now.


If you haven’t yet, you can watch the video for “It’s On Again” below. The soundtrack can be purchased on iTunes.