VICE Sports: Aquille Carr and the Stigma of Short Basketball Players

VICE Sports today presents Aquille Carr and the Stigma of Short Basketball Players. In the latest episode of The Cusp, the basketball phenom explains his decision to skip college to play ball overseas, how he handles fatherhood, and his possible future in the NBA. 

Watch it here:

When he finished high school, Carr planned to go to Seton Hall, become a star, and get drafted. Instead, he took his talents straight to China right after high school, where he lasted 5 months. In the latest episode of The Cusp, VICE Sports get an exclusive look at Carr’s life both on and off the court, and hears his plans to become an NBA legend. 

In The Cusp, VICE Sports documents the fascinating period of an athlete’s career when they’re on the verge of breaking through to the big time. With one foot in a world they’ve always known, and one foot into an unimaginable world of stardom, lives get complicated and powerful stories emerge. Watch more episodes from the series here: cialis in mexico

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