Phil Jackson Has a Reason for the Knicks’ Terrible Start


After the first 22 games of the season, the 4-18 New York Knicks are off to one of the worst starts in franchise history. If you’ve watched the Knicks in action over the past few weeks, then you know that the team can play competitive ball, but for some reason they inevitably lose almost every damn time. Everyone is looking for someone to blame for the Knicks’ awful performance. Some people blame Carmelo Anthony, others J.R. Smith, and of course, plenty of fingers get pointed at first-year coach Derek Fisher. Knicks President Phil Jackson however, isn’t having any of that.

Jackson took questions from the media on Monday, and finally voiced some of his grievances with the very lackluster start the Knicks have had this season. There’s been a serious failure by the Knicks to close out games – they’re 2-13 in games decided by seven points or less –  which Jackson pointed out includes the last five games which were lost by a grand total of 20 combined points. “Those five games have all been games that I felt where we played competitively and had opportunities to win. Now it’s about a loser’s mentality. It’s not about the skill or the talent level,” Jackson said.

According to the NY Post, Jackson hopes that this rough patch will "refine" the current climate of Knicks basketball  “so that we come out and be a pretty good team after all is said and done.” Bottom line, everyone has to buckle down and embrace winning as the rule, not the exception. This is New York. Habitual losing is not ok, not even when you almost win half the time.

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Photo Credit: NY Post

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