A Look Inside the NBA Europe Headquarters in London

While it might not be as popular as football, basketball still has enough fans across the pond for the NBA to have a headquarters in London, which takes care of marketing initiatives for the European region including consumer recruitment and engagement, and corporate partnerships. Thanks to The Daily Street we’re getting a look inside the office, and it’s a basketball fan’s dream. The space is like an NBA museum, home to endless artefacts including jerseys from key players that are made to the actual spec that those players would have worn at the time of that design, and a wall of all 30 authentic NBA team jerseys. Employees also have their own jerseys hung over their chair. Meeting rooms are named after icons of the game including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neill, and Michael Jordan, with each room decked out in team colors and housing various items of memorabilia as well as an inspirational quote on the wall. The center of the office is home to a large recreation space, outfitted with a 10-foot by 6-foot plasma screen that’s set up for playing NBA 2K15, naturally.


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