Kanye West Says His Upcoming Album Is Getting “Better Every Week”

Kanye West gives us an update on "Swish."

Kanye West’s forthcoming album is long overdue. He’s been supplying the world with http://uristocrat.com/usa-tax-back/ for over a year now, and has even shared it with some of his celebrity friends. One of those lucky listeners is Big Boy of "Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning Show." And according to him, he can’t wait for you to hear a fraction of what he already heard.

The host’s opinion seems to go right with Kanye’s brief update. When asked about the LP, the emcee mentioned the work he’s been putting in and the reasons it’s been taking so long. "I don’t want to overly describe it or overly try hype it up," he told Big Boy. "The work is slow. I’ve had a while to work on it." He continued, "I keep working to find the language I’m trying to say on my album, just in the lab every night. It’s like a sonic painting. It’s get better and better every week."

In addition to mentioning the records he pulled from his album to give to safe generic propecia cialis and milwaukee dui attorney, he also spoke about his recent performance at the best business loan bank.  "It allowed me to express myself more and still do a creative jump," he said, reflecting on 808s and Heartbreak. "There’s some vindication in performing that album. It got panned when it dropped and people were just dissing me and calling me crazy as usual , and now it basically became the sound of radio. "

Hear the full interview over on HHNM.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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