Pusha T Named President of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music

Pusha T Named President of Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music

Photo by Jessica Lehrman

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In an interview with Billboard, Pusha said Kanye offered him the position with the intent of bringing a "very manicured" approach to the label. "I always look at it as an opportunity to help the team and I think that artistically, me and Kanye have the same vision," he said. "I’m not out here shooting in the dark, doing any and every thing."

Pusha also talked about whether G.O.O.D. Music would put out another compilation similar to 2012’s Cruel Summer. ("I have that on my mood board.") He said he’s had "different conversations" with the artists, and said it might be easier to get Kanye involved now that his responsibilities have been reduced.

"I think we’ll be getting the best out of him, executive producing projects that come from the label from here on out because he gets to really hone in as a producer," Pusha said. "I’ll take care of all the logistics, the rallying of the troops, and so on and so forth. He don’t gotta be producer, A&R, rapper and everything."

Additionally, he said he’ll release songs from his next solo LP—which is called King Push—before the start of 2016. "My album is just a whole other thing in all honesty," he said. "F’real, what you’re gonna get from this King Push album is something people probably haven’t heard in the past 18 years. I’m just putting it together, aiming for classic material."

In addition to Pusha T, G.O.O.D.’s current roster includes Q-Tip, Big Sean, Kacy Hill, and Teyana Taylor.

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