Top 5 Yeezy Season 1 Lookbooks by Streetwear Retailers

In the crowded world of online streetwear retail where businesses often sell many of the same items, curating one’s own nuanced identity is essential to attract a loyal clientele as well as differentiate one’s brand from the many others. In the same vein, a much-hyped release like Yeezy Season 1 allows the retailers to flex their creative muscle in order to create a unique interpretation of the collection’s overall aesthetic. In doing so, they must not only pay respect to the designer’s original vision, but also carve out a novel portrayal of the pieces in order to become the outlet of choice for customers choosing which store out of many to buy from. Here, we gathered five of the best Yeezy Season 1 lookbooks by streetwear retailers so far, and compare the different ways in which they have molded the collection to their own identity.
END. Clothing
[slider lightbox=true] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [/slider] British retailer END. employs their visual hallmarks of diffused lighting and clean backgrounds in this shoot, pairing a simple olive canvas background with the models’ statuesque poses to create a result seemingly inspired by rebel propaganda from the dystopian universe of The Hunger Games. The images also feature heavy vignetting and darkened compositions, echoing the flatness of the collection’s limited palette and lack of embellishments.
Wish Atlanta
[slider lightbox=true] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [/slider] Wish executes a thoroughly contemporary set-up in this shoot, preferring a diffused overhead light source and a non-descript interior of brick and wooden flooring. Here, the Atlanta-based retailer prefers to do away with distracting visual elements, instead letting the products themselves do the talking — hence the clear lighting and numerous macro shots of the textiles.
RSVP Gallery
In contrast to END.’s clean, propagandistic aesthetic, Chicago select shop RSVP Gallery riffs off the collection’s dystopian theme to create a distinctly grunge-inspired result in this video lookbook. Shot by Jake Osmun in a desolate industrial landscape, the video lookbook is set to Travis Scott’s "Piss On Your Grave," the instrumental of which samples Jimi Hendrix’s track "Machine Gun."
[slider lightbox=true] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [—-] [/slider] Montreal’s SSENSE has taken the earthy palette of the Season 1 collection as literal inspiration, choosing to shoot its lookbook in a mineral quarry amidst mounds of excavated earth and upturned soil. Achieving a distinct east European vibe for its use of boyish models juxtaposed against shots of decaying industrial infrastructure, the lookbook seems to inhabit a place of quiet within a post-apocalyptic world.
Opening Ceremony
[slider lightbox=true] [—-] [—-] [—-] [/slider] Whereas the previous lookbooks largely stuck to the drab color scheme dictated by Kanye, Opening Ceremony’s stylized shoot of Yeezy Season 1 set the models and product against a background of deep, rich ultramarine. This artistic decision provides a strong contrast to the pastel-colored pieces, better drawing the viewer’s attention to the subtle hues of the monotone garments.

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