Go Inside the Closet of Bergdorf Goodman’s Menswear Fashion Director

In The Coveteur’s ongoing investigation of the closets of fashion’s best and brightest, we are afforded a look into that of Bergdorf Goodman’s Menswear Fashion Director, Bruce Pask. A proponent of knit ties, denim jackets and reimagined Ivy prep, all-around cool guy and menswear maven Pask recounts his journey to the highest echelons of the fashion industry, as well as doling out valuable advice for those looking to emulate his career. “Do your research. If you’re looking to get into fashion, find someone whose style you really admire—a stylist or an editor or if there’s a store you really respond to, then those are the places you should be drawn to, and those are people you should be working with. Learn from the best, but pay attention and take your time.” Check out the full editorial online here, and leave your thoughts below.


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