Kylo Ren Disguises Himself as an ‘Undercover Boss’ on SNL

This weekend’s Adam Driver-hosted SNL episode was begging for a Star Wars parody, as the rising actor stars as Commander of the First Order Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. The sketch simultaneously satirizes CBS reality show Undercover Boss where owners and high-level executives of large companies disguise themselves as new hires. In the sketch above, Driver goes incognito as "Matt," donning a wig and glasses to go behind the scenes of Starkiller Base to familiarize himself with other employees. While sitting at table in the common area with other Stormtroopers, he does a hilariously terrible job of concealing his identity as a low-level radar technician. Watch the full clip above to see how the experience changed Kylo Ren for the better.

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