The Oscars’ Decision to Diversify Membership Is Groundbreaking, Shocking and Necessary

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted unanimously to make several crucial changes to diversify the membership that votes for the Oscars each year. No longer will memberships be lifelong; instead, they’ll be term-limited and based on how much each member works. The academy will scour the industry for more diverse members to recruit. Female and nonwhite member counts will be doubled by 2020.

Changes like these are ambitious, exciting and, for an academy that has often been slow to react to criticism, quite shocking. Over the next four years, an all-white acting nominee pool will become increasingly difficult to imagine. But make no mistake: Not changing wasn’t an option. This was necessary for the Oscars’ continued relevance in pop culture.

We’re making changes. New Academy membership and voting diversity initiatives announced today. mortgage tax relief