Restore your Liver with the Core Restore Cleanse

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Your health is one of the most valuable things you possess and
yet most of us spend little time understanding how to
maintain our bodies in optimal health.  With that in mind, regularly engaging in a core restore cleanse will help you now and in the long run.  Sometimes we don’t
pay attention to our health until it begins to fail. Thankfully,
our bodies are forgiving. They can withstand quite a burden
before they begin to fail and, given the appropriate support,
our bodies can recover from amazing amounts of damage.
Unfortunately, we often don’t recognize the combined burden
our environment, diet, lifestyle and metabolic processes place
upon our bodies each and every day.

Why Should You Detoxify with the 

  • To Feel Better – When detoxification and elimination
    systems of the body are not working at their optimal level,
    they are unable to handle the load of incoming toxins
    and symptoms begin as the toxic
    levels build up in your cells, tissues
    and organs. Even after day-to-day
    external exposures are removed,
    toxins remain in our body until
    they are cleared out.
  • To Unmask GI and Other Health Problems – Your
    healthcare provider needs to get an accurate picture
    of the underlying cause, or true cause, of your illness.
    Identifying the underlying cause of your illness is
    important because it can be masked, or covered up, by the
    accumulation of toxins in your body.
  • To Maintain Good Health – Like your car that needs
    periodic oil and filter changes, our bodies need periodic
    detoxification to clean out all the toxins that have
    accumulated in our system over the years.

There are three main goals of the Core Restore Cleanse BT Program: 

1. REMOVE – This is accomplished by eliminating the
incoming burden of toxins from your diet and lifestyle.

2. RESTORE – This is achieved by supporting the
processing and elimination of toxins. Drinking purified
water, eating foods that help with detoxification and
drinking the Core Support Drink Mix will all assist in the
removal of toxins that have long been trapped in your

3. REVITALIZE – Drinking purified water, eating foods
that help with detoxification, drinking Core Support and
taking PhytoCore capsules will help to enhance Phase I and
II detoxification pathways in your liver, as well as support
healthy functioning of your digestive system during the
detoxification process. 

The BT 7-Day program kit
The Core Restore BT program kit contains the following: 

1) 1 bottle of Core Support powder 

2) 1 box of Alpha Base blisters (contains 30 capsules) 

3) 1 bottle of PhytoCore capsules (contains 20 capsules) 

4) 1 Detoxification Patient Guide

The Core Restore Kit is a strategic system designed to safely enhance and promote the primary pathways of detoxification in the liver. The Core Restore kit provides three active formulas – Core Support, Alpha Base, and PhytoCore – which function synergistically to support Phase I and Phase II pathways of liver detoxification to help neutralize environmental pollutants, hormone disruptors, unhealthy estrogen metabolites, xenoestrogens (synthetic compounds that imitate estrogen), and other harmful toxins. This powerful trio of specialized formulas provides essential micronutrients, phytonutrients, and a source of easily digested, low-allergen protein that purifies the liver and fuel optimal biotransformation. The Core Restore Kit is an easy-to-follow, 7-day program, complete with an in-depth Patient Handbook, designed to reduce the incoming burden of toxins and help restore optimal health.

  • Revitalizes Liver Health and Supports Natural Detoxification Mechanisms
  • Focuses on Both Phases of Liver Detoxification
  • Provides Micronutrients, Phytonutrients, and Cofactors that Support Detoxification of Xenobiotics and Xenoestrogens
  • Supports Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
  • Increases Antioxidant Protection and Glutathione Production
  • Promotes Gastrointestinal Health

Core Support

  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC): This sulfhydryl-containing amino acid is commonly used to support liver health. Supplementation with NAC has been shown to increase circulating levels of glutathione, an antioxidant that plays a major role in protecting cellular health.
  • Lipoic acid: A potent antioxidant, lipoic acid has been shown to increase glutathione, vitamin E and vitamin C levels in the body. It has been shown to support Phase II detoxification by increasing the activity of enzymes.


  • Silymarin (milk thistle seed extract): An annual plant indigenous to Europe and the United States, milk thistle has been used for centuries as a botanical medicine to support liver health. Silymarin is the biologically active component found int he seeds and leaves of this plant. Silymarin provides several liver-protective effects, including inhibiting lipid perioxidation and protecting against glutathione depletion.
  • Turmeric (curcumin): Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has been shown to support the body’s antioxidant and detoxification pathways. Curcumin elevates cellular levels of glutathione, one of the body’s major antioxidants that protects cells against free radical damage.

Alpha Base Capsules Without Iron

  • Alpha Base provides excellent mineral sources and a 2:1 magnesium to calcium ratio
  • The fully reacted minerals used in this formula have a high assimilation rate in the body
  • Alpha Base includes high levels of antioxidants, which reduce free radical damage in the body

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