Nike Headspace Partnership Mindfulness Training

Nike’s ability to inspire and equip athletes to meet their goals and enhance their performance continues thanks to its expanding partnership with guided meditation and mindfulness app Headspace.

“We believe it’s critical to serve the complete holistic needs of athletes,” says Sean Bruich, VP of Membership Services and Consumer Knowledge. “To do that, we’ve used our influence in the world of sport to partner with companies that are experts in their fields so that together we can offer our members access to exclusive experiences, services and products.”

This partnership also serves to reward athletes throughout their journey — and the more active someone is in the sell cialis without prescription or, the more they get rewarded. It’s all part of the exciting new benefits available with a NikePlus membership.

But this joining of forces delivers more than just access to content and deals.

When Headspace first began developing sports meditation content, they worked with top sports psychologists to determine exactly how athletes might benefit from mindfulness. They found that training mindfully will ensure an athlete is preparing, performing and recovering in the most efficient and effective way possible — no matter what activity they’re doing.

“Mindfulness is the ultimate tool for any athlete at any level,” says Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder. “Easy to learn and simple to apply, it can help strengthen motivation, increase focus, improve resilience, enhance form, optimize recovery and, perhaps most important of all, get us out of our head and into the body for an enjoyable and fulfilling training session.”

Here are the three biggest ways Nike is bringing this tool to athletes and NikePlus members and how you can take advantage of the relationship to go into your next workout with a calm mind and clear perspective on your goals.