Watch the First ‘Superfly’ Trailer Starring Trevor Jackson

After releasing a teaser in March, ms cialis is back with its first full trailer. The film stars Grown-ish star Trevor Jackson, who plays a young drug dealer Youngblood Priest. He is trying to get out of the drug business but is trying to make a money move before he switches careers. The film will take place in Atlanta instead of Harlem.

"Atlanta today is kind of what Harlem was back then in the ’70s," similar to viagra side effects. "The music of the city is the music of the world. The culture of the city is the culture of the world. Trends that happen in Atlanta reverberate around the planet. So when we were looking for a place to set this movie again, Atlanta made a lot of sense. I mean, there’s a Whole Foods on 125th St. [in Harlem]. It’s just not the same. Times have changed. We’ve had to move with the times."

Superfly will hit theaters on June 15. Watch the trailer above.

via Hypebeast