Bespoke Nike Air Max 1 Celebrates Newborn Baby

Nice Kicks favorite and Bespoke Air Force 1 aficionado Kal Seth has a new member of his collection but more importantly a new addition to his family. Kal and his wife just welcomed a baby girl by the name of Sabrina on July 11, 2018.

Kal had long wanted his wife to design a pair of Bespokes. Though she’s not a huge sneakerhead, her debut with the Bespoke Nike Air Max 1 is incredible. The two picked the colors and patterns, pulling from the palette and textures used to design their baby’s nursery. A mixture of leathers, nubuck, suede, canvas and Liberty London print pop on each pair with the ‘Sabrina’ font adding distinction outside of size.

Going in-depth, perforated leather appears on the toebox to resemble a permeable bumper in a baby’s crib to prevent SIDS. The Liberty London print on the Swooshes reflects a floral Ralph Lauren bear that lives in the nursery. The nursery itself is themed around baby elephants to represent the qualities of strength, wisdom and stamina. The elephant theme is seen on the shoe in the form of dark grey canvas on the mudguard to represent an elephant’s tough skin. Lasering of baby elephant footprints on the left tongue continue to carry said theme while blush pink represents further detailing in the nurser as does gold detailing. Lastly, the left mudguard sports the baby’s birthday of 07.11.18 in embroidered fashion.

Congrats to Kal, his wife and their daughter Sabrina. See this Bespoke Nike Air Max 1 below and keep up with cialis prices at true pharmacies.