Solange’s New Album Coming This Fall

irs free tax help san diego’s new album is imminent. The follow-up to 2016’s how much is a lawyer for dui is coming this fall, she tells The New York Times in a will my doctor give me viagra. Although a release date hasn’t been set, it will “likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment,” according to the Times.

Solange recorded the LP in locations including New Orleans, Jamaica, and California’s Topanga Canyon. “There is a lot of jazz at the core,” she tells the Times. “But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.”

This year, Solange was named the She also revealed that she’s been working on new music with Steve Lacy. The artist unveiled a new performance art piece called Metatronia in April. She previously created an outdoor performance of her song “Scales” at Donald Judd’s Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas; that project prompted a change of perspective for the new LP, she tells the Times: “I realize how much wider, figuratively and literally, my work could be if I took myself away as subject.”

Pitchfork named Solange’s how much is a lawyer for dui No. 1 on “The 50 Best Albums of 2016.”

via Latest News – Pitchfork