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Awake NY JA ONE XTC Restock & Presale

Awake NY JA ONE XTC Restock & Presale


  • Cultural Fusion: The Awake NY x JA One XTC collection is a testament to the seamless blend of streetwear fashion and graffiti art.
  • Legacy and Influence: JA ONE's work is not just about graffiti; it's a narrative of New York's evolving urban culture.
  • Diverse Style: Awake NY continues to push the boundaries of streetwear by incorporating diverse elements from different cultural backgrounds.

Awake NY, known for capturing the spirit of New York City through its diverse and contemporary fashion statements, presents a restock and new colorways in collaboration with legendary graffiti artist JA ONE XTC. This capsule collection honors JA, a bomber whose iconic two-letter throw-up and tags have adorned the city's canvas for over 40 years.

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Awake NY's Cultural Impact

Founded in 2012, Awake NY is more than just a clothing brand; it reflects New York's eclectic cultural landscape. With collaborations ranging from Tommy/ Mercedes-AMG F1 to Carhartt WIP, and even Kappa in 2019, the brand consistently merges classic aesthetics with contemporary vibes, much like the city​​.

Awake NY can be found in acclaimed retailers worldwide including Union Los Angeles and Japan, SSENSE, Dover Street Market (worldwide), Slam Jam, KITH and more.

The JA One XTC Collaboration

This latest collaboration with JA ONE XTC, the founder of the XTC crew, offers a unique blend of street art and fashion. The collection includes a hoodie, two graphic tees, and a long-sleeved top adorned with JA's emblematic designs and Awake NY's flowing logo motif. The "JAwake" logo flip on the hoodie stands out, symbolizing the fusion of the artist's and brand's creative forces. The collection showcases JA's distinctive hand style and wordmark, seamlessly integrated with Awake NY's branding​​.

Who is JA One?

JA ONE XTC is not just a graffiti artist; he's a cornerstone of New York's graffiti culture. Known for his relentless dedication to bombing locations across the city, his work is a familiar sight in streets, subway tunnels, and billboards. Over the past four decades, his contribution to graffiti has made him a respected and influential figure in the urban art scene.


  1. When was Awake NY founded?
    Awake NY was founded in 2012.
  2. What does the Awake NY x JA One XTC collection include?
    The collection includes a hoodie, two graphic tees, and a long-sleeved top featuring JA ONE's graffiti art and Awake NY's branding.
  3. Who is JA ONE XTC?
    JA ONE XTC is a renowned graffiti artist in New York, known for his dedication to bombing various city locations.