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BKc x Life of Kings

BKc x Life of Kings

Inspired by the cool sophistication of the late 1950s jazz pioneer, (Miles Davis) poet (Langston Hughes) and writer (Ralph Ellison).

Life Of Kings is an American men’s clothing brand founded by Rob Heights (Roberto Hernandez) in Brooklyn, New York. It started as a music blog that became a lifestyle brand derived from a rich heritage with a strong interest in African-American and Latino history.

From musical icons, civil rights leaders, professors and everyday heroes our model is to shine the light of the achievements of these great individuals. After living and designing for various brands in New York City the last being Brendon Babenzien’s Noah, the brand has now relocated across the world to Sri Lanka.

“Living and producing in Sri Lanka means we can work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that working conditions are good and fair. We are taking the up-cycled approach to design and producing, which means we find dead stock fabrics from markets all over the world and bring them back to life blending South East Asian textiles with a western streetwear sensibility