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Penfield Mattawa Comfort Zone Fleece

Penfield releases a Mattawa Borg Fleece Jacket in Shaved Chocolate.
Penfield Mattawa Comfort Zone Fleece
Penfield releases a Mattawa Borg Fleece Jacket in Shaved Chocolate.

Penfield releases a Mattawa Borg Fleece Jacket in Shaved Chocolate. The fleece is a season-to-season favorite; a large-scale jacquard geo print in brown and beige hues elevates the Winter Geo Mattawa.

Penfield, a brand established in 1975 in Hudson, Massachusetts, has become a cornerstone in the world of high-quality, down-filled outdoor wear, embodying the quintessential New England aesthetic. Over the decades, Penfield has evolved from a local American outerwear manufacturer to an internationally recognized brand, symbolizing innovation, heritage, and enduring style.

The Genesis of Penfield

Founded by Harvey Gross, a pioneering figure in the American outerwear industry since the early 1960s, Penfield started its journey in a small manufacturing plant in Hudson. Gross, recognizing the potential of insulated outerwear, focused on creating down-filled jackets, fleece, and other outerwear that provided durable warmth and protection. His vision was not only to serve the local market but also to introduce the American outerwear look to an international audience.

A Blend of Style and Functionality

Penfield’s clothing line in the 1970s and 1980s was a perfect amalgamation of Ivy League fashion and technical fabrics. The brand introduced early styles under the Penfield Trailwear name, including puffer jackets with oversized pockets and high-button-up necks. They also introduced the 80/20 insulation system – 80% down and 20% feather – which became a hallmark of their quality and effectiveness in providing warmth.

Penfield's Rise to International Fame

By 1979, just four years after opening their first factory, Penfield began exporting their products worldwide. This expansion marked the brand's transition from a local manufacturer to an international fashion influencer. The 1980s saw Penfield define American outerwear with its innovative styles that catered not only to the harsh New England winters but also to the evolving fashion trends of the time.

Collaborations and Evolution

The 2000s marked a new era for Penfield with a number of high-profile collaborations with brands like Stussy, Saucony, Alife, and XLarge. These collaborations helped cement Penfield’s status in the building blocks of streetwear. The brand continued to innovate, maintaining its original DNA while adapting to contemporary styles and tastes.

Penfield Today: A Heritage Brand with Modern Sensibilities

Today, Penfield stands as a testament to the blend of innovation and heritage. With each season, the brand introduces new designs while retaining the essence of its classic styles. Products like the lightweight, weather-resistant PacJac anorak and stylish short-sleeve button-downs exemplify Penfield's commitment to quality and style. Their collections cater to a diverse range of consumers, from adventurers braving natural environments to urban fashion enthusiasts.