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NFL Conference Championship Week Recap with Philly Sports Four For 4 Podcast

NFL Conference Championship Week Recap with Philly Sports Four For 4 Podcast
Philadelphia Eagles announce Vic Fangio as Defensive Coordinator. Source: PhiladelphiaEagles.com

Dom Lewis, Host and producer of the Philly Sports Four for 4 Podcast provides his recap of the 2024 NFL Conference Championship weekend. You can listen to the latest from the Philly Sports Four for 4 Podcast on Spotify.

Kellen Moore to the Philadelphia Eagles as Offensive Coordinator

I don’t dislike Kellen Moore's hire.  The Eagles can be more dynamic next year with Kellen Moore as a coordinator.  He’s been calling plays for a while, and despite the Chargers being terrible, their offense wasn’t the problem (for the most part).  They could score.  His offense was also good in Dallas (at its peak). Dallas has a set of different problems, which makes me smile lol.  However, I will say my top choice as an OC was Bienemy.  The Eagles would’ve flourished more with his coaching and direction.

Vic Fangio to the Philadelphia Eagles as Defensive Coordinator

The Vic Fangio hire is just okay with me.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.  The bottom line is that he’s a proven DC, and he won’t take any crap from people who don’t play hard.  Additionally, he’s not going to take Sirianni’s crap (which is good).  Overall, the Eagles need to rebuild their entire defense.  They need to get younger and LBs that know how to play the position.  Nakobe can still be a player, but that’s one guy.  They need a linebacker core and playmakers in their secondary.  They’re too old back there. Overall, they will have to build the LB core by drafting.  Also, they must get rid of James Bradbury (idk how Howie Roseman makes that work) and be willing to endure growing pains.  Their problem is that they feel they can still contend and are trying to cheat the rebuilding process.  They can’t do that.  Make a decision and rebuild your team to make it sustainable for five years.

The Start of Philadelphia Eagles OffSeason

I’m disappointed in Philadelphia Eagles Chairman Jeffrey Lurie.  He failed to make the tough decision to fire Nick Sirianni (it wasn’t a tough decision to me, but whatever).    Dude knows football, but I’m not sure he’s a leader of men.  That team quit, and Sirianni couldn’t get it back on track, which makes me question his leadership.  After a while, the cliches and motivation have to hit the door.  Does your team believe in you and what you are selling?  I don’t think they did.  Lurie saved face by keeping him another year.  He's too worried about the optics and still thinks his team is a contender.  They’re closer to rebuilding than contending.   They have pieces, but you need to draft and rebuild your defense.  This will take at least two years (in my eyes, it will take three years).

NFL Conference Championships Recap

Watching/listening to the NFC and AFC Conference Championship games on Sunday just made me more disappointed in the Eagles and pissed that they kept Nick Sirianni.  The San Francisco 49ers were better than the Eagles this year, but the Lions were aggressive at the beginning by RUNNING THE BALL!!!!!  If it weren’t for coaching errors on those 4th downs, they’d be in Super Bowl 58.

Kansas City Chiefs outlast the Baltimore Ravens.

Credit to the Kansas City Chiefs; they’re a good team with a championship pedigree.  Patrick Mahomes is becoming unlikeable because he cries too much.  Good player, tho.  Great actually.  Travis Kelce is a grown man.  It’s not a fluke.  However, the NFL wanted Kansas City in the Super Bowl for the Taylor Swift audience.

Lamar Jackson: Missed Chance

Lamar Jackson needed to be better.  I know he made plays during the game, and the offense was stifled a few times.  They also had costly turnovers (Zay Flowers is a rookie who made stupid mistakes and cost his team).  It still falls on Lamar.  He blew it yesterday.  He made mistakes and took sacks when he shouldn’t have.   Credit to the KC defense as well.  Sidebar: The league may be figuring out the running quarterback.  I thought Jalen had a bad year, but maybe the league is just catching up.

Detroit Lions: Inexperienced?

It was a great season for the Detroit Lions, but they showed inexperience.  Coach Dan Campbell's fourth down mistakes ultimately cost them, but the San Francisco Niners have been here before.  Experience and past heartbreak paid off.  Having a stout defense will save you most of the time.  Brock Purdy made plays.  I said on one of my pods (I believe it was the most recent one) that Purdy would have to make a play.  Sometimes, it comes down to whether your QB can make the play.  He did.  I’m humbled for now, but I don’t want him to win.  Sorry, the media made me hate him and his story.   Overall, Mahomes will make one more play than Purdy, which will decide the SB.

I can’t stress enough how pissed I am at the Eagles.  Still pissed after all of this.  I’d usually get over it by now, but that collapse was monumental, and I don’t think the org understands the magnitude of it.  They don’t have a sense of urgency to fix what happened, and I honestly believe they CAN’T fix it.  Like I said before.  They’re closer to rebuilding than contending.

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