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Sunday Notes

Sunday Notes

Sports: Remembering Ghanaian Football Star Christian Atsu

After nearly two weeks since earthquakes rocked Turkey and Syria on February 6, the body of Christian Atsu has been found under the rubble where he lived in Turkey, according to his agent. Playing for Turkish Super Lig side Hatayspor, the 31-year-old Ghanaian international forward — in the time he was reported still missing — had been an anxious, nerve-racking subject across football media and beyond.
Remembering Ghanaian Football Star Christian Atsu
The body of the former Newcastle winger has been found following the Turkish earthquake. With condolences pouring in, we take a look into the life of a footballer whom home fans will remember as the “Ghanaian Messi.”

FinTech: Dash CEO placed on ‘indefinite administrative leave’ as the Insight-backed startup carries out financial audit

Dash CEO placed on ‘indefinite administrative leave’ as the Insight-backed startup carries out financial audit
Last March, Ghanaian fintech Dash raised $32.8 million off the back of a $1 billion total processing volume. Now the board has placed its CEO on indefinite administrative leave pending a forensic financial audit of the company.

Technology: Why AI will not create unimaginable fortunes

Why AI will not create unimaginable fortunes - Marginal REVOLUTION
From my Bloomberg column from last week: A small number of AI services, possibly even a single one, likely will end up better than the others for a wide variety of purposes. Such companies might buy the best hardware, hire the best talent and manage their brands relatively well. But they will face c…

Sports: Bomani Jones Told You So

Bomani Jones on Karl Malone and the All-Star Game in Salt Lake City

Midway through season two of his HBO series, the sharpest thinker in sports is finding a new gear....
Well, I'm not as hard on conspiracy theorists as other people are. I don't think believing crazy stuff necessarily makes you a bad person. Now, I think the conspiracies that he currently believes in as it relates to COVID are very dangerous. But I'd also make the argument they're not quite as dangerous as they were two years ago. If you want to bring John Stockton around, okay, he's an anti-vaxxer who thinks the vaccine is out here killing people. Now, if you got John Stockton out here and he's like, “While I have the microphone, I would like to ask you about the 5,000 people who have died of heart attacks,” now we’ve got a problem. But I'm okay with separating that from what we've gotten from him the last couple years. The Karl Malone thing is a little trickier. The dude had a baby with a 12-year-old. By definition, it's hard not to call that rape. And he didn’t claim the child.


Sports: Mac McClung dominates field to win NBA slam dunk contest

McClung dazzles with 3 50s to win dunk contest
Mac McClung dominated the NBA’s slam dunk contest, earning 50s for three of his four dunks.

Technology: Meta Launches Subscription Service for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. is launching a subscription service called Meta Verified that will include a handful of additional perks and features, including account verification badges for those who pay.