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The Re-Launch of Evisu

We announced a couple of weeks ago about the relaunch of Evisu and the addition of Scott Morrison, the co-founder of both Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, to the Evisu team as CEO and creative Director. We now have more news about the direction of the popular Japanese vintage denim brand. The relaunch of Evisu focuses on the forgotten roots of the brand and will emphasize quality, craftsmanship and authenticity that made the brand very popular in the late 90s.

There will be three collections for men and women with each pair of jean being unique. The collections will be Evisu Genes ($150 to $198), Evisu ($198 to $265), and a
Private Stock collection ($600-$700). The Private stock collection will consist of Replica quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, hand painted logo and numbered. For this line craftsmen use various techniques to create unique detailing (e.g. burns using cigarette lighters, hand painted buttons etc.)

The Cleaner construction of the relaunch items will contrast with the look of distressed hand painted logos that were a core vision of Evisu’s creator Hidehiko Yamane.

Coinciding with the relaunch will be the availability of the Tateoti book which emphasizes the “Each Pair Tells a Unique Story” mantra. The Tateoti book is “the bible of Evisu brand and its histroy with archive images of Evisu jeans from raw to the worn state tracking the evolving nature of each unique pair.

Evisu’s new collection will be available exclusively at Barneys in November 09 – And starting in January at Fred Segal.