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Thursday Notes

Thursday Notes
A Stable Diffusion generated photo of a football player from the 1920s

A Complete podcast (and transcript) history of the NFL's Business Strategy

The NFL | Acquired Podcast
The complete podcast (and transcript!) history of the NFL’s business strategy.
David: Yup, standardize what the game is. (3) Perhaps the most important, they're going to make Jim Thorpe the president of the league. These guys are smart. Many of you probably know who Jim Thorpe was, but Jim was, at that point in time, the leader of the Canton Bulldogs, one of the teams that was strategically included in this discussion. The meeting happened at the Canton auto show room probably because of this. Jim Thorpe was the goat. He was the greatest athlete that had ever lived to that point in time.
David: The deep irony given what was about to happen with professional sports in the NFL becoming completely white, the first star player, the whole basis of the league, the first president of the league, was a person of color. In addition to playing professional football, the thing that is just unbelievable about Jim Thorpe, he won two gold medals in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Sweden in the pentathlon and the decathlon. He had never competed in the decathlon before. The first time that he competed in the decathlon was in the 1912 Summer Olympics, and he won the gold medal.

When Americans Lost Faith in the News

When Americans Lost Faith in the News
Half a century ago, most of the public said they trusted the news media. Today, most say they don’t. What happened to the power of the press?

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