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Tuesday Notes

Tuesday Notes

Mississippi lawmakers seek return to Jim Crow with separate white system of justice - New York Amsterdam News
Jaskcon, Mississippi’s Black community is outraged that state lawmakers are moving closer to establishing a separate justice system in Jackson for whites and African Americans.

Technology: "OS" by TITLES

A free mint granting early access to our new engine powering onchain creativity and culture. Calling all creatives. Today we’re rolling out a series of products built to power the next generation of cryptomedia. It starts with this free mint.


Sneakers: A Ma Maniére Celebrates the Beauty and Power of Black Women With Its New Air Jordan 12 Collaboration

A Ma Maniére Celebrates the Beauty and Power of Black Women With Its New Air Jordan 12 Collaboration
The Whitaker Group retailer is giving ladies early access to the raffle from February 14-15 before opening it up to the public from February 16-19.

Music: Ayra Starr - Stability

Read more about this song with Tela Wangeci's write-up on Native Mag:

Best New Music: Ayra Starr Embodies Ultra-Confidence on “Sability” - The NATIVE
A cumulation of poise and sabiness

Music: Black Thought x El Michaels - That Girl


Film: How Genoveva Umeh Became Nollywood's Rising Movie Star

Just a few hours after the Netflix Original, Blood Sisters, dropped in May 2022, it began causing a buzz: viewers became curious about the little-known actress who played Timeyin, the unruly, drug-addict anti-hero of the crime thriller. “Genoveva Umeh,” Nollywood folks who knew her, responded to the queries. For many, it was the first time hearing her name, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.


Living: New Yorkers Pay the Highest ‘Singles Tax’ in the US

Living alone in New York City costs $19,500 more than living with a partner.