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Behind The Design: Bodega x Crocs All-Terrain "NICT-TECH" Clog

With the Bodega X Crocs All-Terrain "NICT-TECH" Clog, we bring the bark to the backwoods to create a convertible option from the kings of Croslite™. It all starts with our NICT-TECH Conversion Kit which lays atop the clog like a Big Block Chevy in a hotrod. When sprawled out in all its glory, the NICT-TECH hood becomes a tent for your feet, covering the toe box for some insulation and protection against the elements should things get choppy. However, when the sun is shining and ventilation is key, it’s time to tuck ‘n roll with the NICT-TECH Pouch featuring a zip pocket with cord pull and our woven Horizon logo, serving as the perfect receptacle.

Comprised of a woven nylon pouch featuring heritage branding, a rugged zip pull, and adjustable bungee toggle, as well as a retractable woven nylon hood secured by snaps and a toe anchor, our makeshift rig was complete. But what would we call it?
Still in the headspace of capturing natural technology and wanting nictitation to remain front of mind - we landed on NICT-TECH. And thus our NICT-TECH Hood, NICT-TECH Pouch, and overall Conversion Kit were hatched.

Release Info: Friday, May, 12, 2023
Available online at 12pm EST and in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations on a first come, first served basis.

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Behind The Design: Bodega x Crocs All-Terrain “NICT-TECH” Clog
When approaching our upcoming collaboration with Crocs, we couldn’t get this mechanism out of our heads. Both how it physically worked in addition to the symbolic idea of seamless transitions and continuous vision. So with Duke’s approval - you know that friendly mascot on the ankle badge - we did a…